एम.व्ही.पी. समाजाचे

के. टी. एच. एम. महाविद्यालय

(के.आर.टी. कला, बी.एच. वाणिज्य, ए.एम. विज्ञान महाविद्यालय.)


K.T.H.M. COLLEGE, Nashik

(K.R.T. Arts, B.H. Commerce and A.M. Science College.)

Alumina Registration and Feedback Form

Feedback about College

  • * 1.  Do you feel proud to be associated with K.T.H.M College as alumnus/alumna?
  • * 2.  Do you feel that college has played a key role in your development?
  •    3.  Are you willing to contribute to the development of the college?
  •          If Yes, in what way you would like to contribute?
  •    4.  Rate the quality of the following services/facilities during your tenure as student
    * a. College Campus
    * b. Administrative Facilities
    * c. Laboratories and Equipments
    * d. Library Facilities
    * e. Canteen Facility
    * f. Sports Facility
    * g. Quality of Education
    * h. Teachers Contribution in your professional Development
    * i. Overall Rating
  • * What is your overall opinion about College/Department?

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