एम.व्ही.पी. समाजाचे

के. टी. एच. एम. महाविद्यालय

(के.आर.टी. कला, बी.एच. वाणिज्य, ए.एम. विज्ञान महाविद्यालय.)


K.T.H.M. COLLEGE, Nashik

(K.R.T. Arts, B.H. Commerce and A.M. Science College.)




  • a) Annual Training Camps (ATC's)
  • b) Social Service Camps
  • c) Social Service Camps
  • d) Centrally Organised Camps
    • 1. Basic Leadership Camps
    • 2. Advance Leadership Camps
    • 3. Thal Sainik Camps
    • 4. Republic Day Camp

Adventure Activities

  • a) Cycle / Motor Cycle Expeditions
  • b) Trekking
  • c) Mountaineering

Army Training

  • a) Drill
  • b) Firing
  • c) Bayonet Fighting
  • d) Field Craft & Map Reading

Community Development Activities

  • a) Blood Donation
  • b) Participation in Campaigns Affecting the Development of the Country (for example AIDS Awareness, Cancer Awareness, Adult Literacy)
  • c) Tree Plantation

Participation in National Level Shooting Competitions

Participation in National Level Sports Meets

Youth Exchange Programme (Visit to friendly foreign Countries)

Aim of the Camps are:

  • To impact collective training in the subject as per laid down syllabus to the senior wing cadet and develop physical and mental robustness in cadets.
  • To develop qualities of leadership, self discipline and ideals of selfless service benefiting the society.
  • To expose cadets to camp living and foster spirit of comradeship and e-spirit-de-corps.
  • To foster competitive spirit and sportsmanship.
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