एम.व्ही.पी. समाजाचे

के. टी. एच. एम. महाविद्यालय

(के.आर.टी. कला, बी.एच. वाणिज्य, ए.एम. विज्ञान महाविद्यालय.)


K.T.H.M. COLLEGE, Nashik

(K.R.T. Arts, B.H. Commerce and A.M. Science College.)


Infrastructure Augmentation, Upgradation and Maintenance Policies

    The institution makes provision for its annual budget for the maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure. The proper allocation of the funding received from the Parent Institute, UGC, CSIR, DST, DBT, CPE Grant and BCUD SPPU, Pune is made.

  1.  The  account is audited every year by the Parent Institute

  2. The funds received from SPPU, Pune for seminars, workshops, conferences, minor research projects, equipments, sports materials etc. are audited by finance and account SPPU Pune

  3. The institution has proper systems and procedures for the maintenance, upkeep and utilization of both physical facilities and academic support facilities.

  4. The needs for maintenance and upkeep of the classrooms, seminar rooms and faculty rooms etc. are given by the respective departments and necessary actions are taken

  5. Annual maintenance contracts are given for the maintenance of Generators, Water Purifiers, Coolers, Intercom and Biometric Systems

  6. C.C.T.V., Air Conditioners, Computer hardware, software, LCD projectors, Printers and other equipments are repaired and maintained by the respective service providers

  7. Building maintenance is done by the site engineer appointed by the Parent Institution

  8. Furniture including benches, desk, tables, cupboards and chairs are repaired or replaced as per requirement

  9. Instruments in CIC laboratory (IR, AAS, GC-MS, HPLC, UV-Visible spectrophotometer) are regularly maintained/ repaired/upgraded

  10. Equipments in science laboratories (Leica Microtome, Automatic tissue processor, Microscopes, Incubator, ovens, suction pumps, potentiometer, conductometer, deep freezers, rotary evaporator, CRO etc) are maintained on regular basis

  11.  An electrician and a plumber are appointed by Parent Institution

  12.  Fire safety equipments are installed in every department and are annually refilled

  13. Campus cleaning is done by menial staff

  14. Day to day maintenance and cleaning is done by class IV employee of the college

  15. The security staff has been appointed round the clock

  16. Maintenance and up-gradation of instruments and equipment is done under the strict observance of the internal review committee.

  17. Equipments and electronic instruments in the laboratories (function generator, oscilloscope, pH meter, conductometer, Nephelometer, Refractometer, Spectrophotometer, Colourimeter, Autoclave PCR micro, inversted microscope, electrophoresis etc.) are calibrated as per need and use and also during the practical sessions

  18. The instruments in the Central Instrumentation Centre (FT-IR, UV-visible, GC-MS, AAS, HPLC, TGA-DTA, RF, Surface area analyser etc.) are calibrated as per the guidelines given in their manuals before their functioning by the Standard Operation Procedure

  19. Daily recording of weather data is carried out from the instruments in the weather observatory. There are 10 major instruments in the observatory for the collection of data. The installed instruments are calibrated and repaired as per need and use

  20. The generators are serviced regularly. Water level of the batteries in UPS and inverters are maintained on regular basis

  21. Air conditioners in Central Instrumentation Centre, Tissue Culture Lab and some computer labs have been installed for suitable environment required for proper functioning of the equipments, instruments and computer systems. They are serviced from time to time

  22. Refrigerators in the science laboratories are used for storage of sensitive chemicals and cultures

  23. The college has installed three Generators with 50, 62.5 and 140 KVA capacities through which electricity back up is given in all the Classrooms, Laboratories, Auditoriums and Library

  24. The Central Instrumentation Centre, Server Room and Science Laboratories are provided voltage stabilisers in order to protect equipment

  25. The institution ensures voltage stability through U.P.S./Inverter in order to protect its sensitive ICT facilities. We also have done proper earthing and lighting protection for the sensitive equipment and the building respectively

  26. Every computer system is back-up with UPS

  27. We ensure constant supply of water through regular pumping from our well and bore-well

  28. The constant water supply is provided to all science laboratories for laboratory work

  29. 01 tube-well and 02wells are available in the premises for water supply

  30.  22 store tanks have been constructed or installed for storage of water

  31. Drinking water arrangement is made through the water connections provided by the municipal corporation

  32.  Water-coolers and purifiers have been installed on each floor of each building for drinking water

  33. Cleaning and maintenance of water store tanks, coolers and purifiers are done through the agencies appointed by     the college

  34.  Since the college is situated on the bank of Godavari River ample water is available


Land & Building

Land Area (in Acres)

35 acres

Build up area

30808.87 Sq.Mtr.

Play Ground/Sports/Games Area

17000 Sq.Mtr.


No of Class Rooms


No of Laboratories


No of Seminar Rooms



No of Seats in Boys Hostel


No of Seats in Girls Hostel



Seating Capacity of library reading Room


No of Books in the library


No of Journals subscribed


E-Journals (N-LIST)


E-Books (N-LIST)


Database J-Gate & Jaykar Library S.P.P.U. Pune


ICT Infrastructure

No of  Desktop Computers:


No of Computers with LAN and Internet Connectivity


WI-fi Connectivity

Yes (30 Access Points)

Type & Speed of Internet Connectivity

The Broadband Connections of 20 Mbps

Teaching Tools/Aids

No of SmartBoards/SmartProjectors


No of LCD’ Projectors


No of LED TV Sets




828 Sq Mtrs


Length – 35 Mtrs


Breadth- 22 Mtrs


Height- 13 Mtrs

Badminton Court

Length- 25 Mtrs


Breadth- 22 Mtrs

Basket ball Court

Length- 28 Mtrs


Breadth- 15 Mtrs

Kabbadi (Court)

2 Courts


Length- 13 Mtrs


Breadth- 10 Mtrs


Length- 12 Mtrs


Breadth- 8 Mtrs

Volley Boll Court (No 2)

Length- 18 Mtrs


Breadth- 9 Mtrs

Hand Ball 2 Courts

Length- 40 Mtrs


Breadth- 20 Mtrs

Kho-Kho 2 Courts

Length- 29 Mtrs


Breadth- 16 Mtrs

Pistol Shooting Rang

10 Mtrs

Rowing facilities with equipment

42 Boats

Judo Hall & Wrestiling Hall

13 x 13 Mtrs

Table Tenis Hall

35 x 22 Mtrs

Badminton Playgraound

35 x 22 Mtrs

Indoor Games

Wrestling Holl, Table Tennis Hall

Sports Facilities

Multipurpose Gymnasium with weight lefting, power lefting and gymstation equipment.

No of  Houses for Teachers


No of Rooms in Guest House

04 rooms through parent institute

No of Common Room for Students


Health Centre/Medical Centre


Common rooms for teachers


Canteen for students


Transport Facility for students

State Transport Concession Center


Bird Eye View of KTHM College.
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